Anecdotes and Other Expressions of Anticlericalism in Portuguese Ethnography
[Paulo Correia de Melo]

Anedotas e Outras Expressões de Anticlericalismo na Etnografia Portuguesa
Anedotas e Outras Expressões de Anticlericalismo na Etnografia Portuguesa
The research work of Paulo Correia de Melo, who, in good time, goes on to run printed, being accessible to the general public, belongs to the group of very recent investigations that dared to challenge the common places of some academic routine. It crosses knowledge and methods that, legitimately jealous of their disciplinary and epistemological specificities, are often reticent, when put in the presence of intersectional exercises of different areas of knowledge and different investigative practices.
The author builds his workshop within a field of knowledge to which data from ethnography and oral literature, Catholic theology and pastoral literature, ideological analysis of discourse and the specific theme of anticlericalisms converge. That is why, by being among us the initiator in this way of addressing the issue, he runs the glorious risk of deserving passionate repairs and suffering accusations of provocative, scandalous and, perhaps even, wickedness. Glorious risk that will eventually reward the courage to be a pioneer, giving it continuations.

Luís Machado de Abreu Professor of The University of Aveiro
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